Regional Organisation Grants

Regional Organisation Grants (ROG) aims to improve the quality of sporting and active recreation opportunities for people in regional Western Australia whilst assisting the department meet its regional strategic outcomes.

Regional Organisation Grants are not an open funding scheme.

Regional Organisation Grants is a funding scheme only available to peak bodies considered regionally or culturally significant and have the ability to fulfill specific objectives of the department.

It caters for sporting groups through funding from the Sports Lotteries Account.


  • A regional sporting organisation recognised as the peak regional representative body by a State Sporting Association or the department.

To receive funding, an organisation must:

  • Be incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (Western Australia) with an Australian Business Number (ABN) or Indigenous organisations under Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI);
  • Have acquitted all previous grants prior to the application being submitted unless the grant is still current; and
  • Be affiliated where appropriate with a State Sporting Association or Industry Peak Body recognised by the department.

Primary objectives

  • Support a regional organisation’s capacity and capability to deliver sporting opportunities in regional areas.
  • Improve an organisation’s planning, management and governing policies and practices to build and enhance the organisation’s capacity and sustainability.
  • Invest in the strategic intent and operational plans of the organisation to deliver agreed and desired outcomes.
  • Assist regional organisations achieve their operational goals that will lead to increased participation opportunities.

How to apply

If your organisation is deemed eligible to obtain ROG funding a representative from the department will arrange a meeting to discuss funding opportunities to enable a formal application to be submitted. If approved, a Grant Agreement will be entered into and Key Result Schedule (KRS) will be set for the applicant body to achieve.

More information

To discuss your event, competition or sport development opportunity concept or to obtain assistance to complete your application, please contact your regional office or sport consultant.

Page reviewed 10 July 2019