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Applying for liquor licences, permits, conditions including fees and charges.

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New licence application

When a licence is granted, it is granted to a specified entity (the licensee). The licence allows only the licensee to sell liquor from a specified place (the licensed premises).

If the licensee wishes to sell the licence to another entity, then the applicant who wishes to purchase or be assigned the licence must apply to the department to take over the licence (transfer of licence application). It is important to note that settlement cannot take place until prior approval has been given by the licensing authority. For information regarding applications to transfer a liquor licence, please refer to the application kit on the department’s website.

Approval can also be given by the licensing authority for the licensee to operate the licence at a place other than the licensed premises (removal of licence).

New licence applications

Licensing processes

Graphic process diagrams of the licensing application process.

Plans and specifications requirements

Plans of the proposed premises are required to be lodged with the application in order for the licensing authority to define the area in which the sale, supply and in some cases, the consumption of liquor will occur if the licence is granted.

Plans and specifications


The following licences can be applied for through the online portal:

  • Occasional Liquor Licence
  • Restaurant Licence
  • Nightclub Licence
  • Hotel or Tavern Licence
  • Club Licence
  • Producer Licence
  • Wholesaler Licence
  • Liquor Store Licence
  • Small Bar Licence
  • Special Facility Licence

Apply for a licence through the online portal

Extended Trading Permits

The following licences can be applied for through the online portal:

  • Cellar Door Operation
  • Ongoing Hours
  • Liquor without a meal (Restaurant restricted to 120 persons or less)
  • Liquor without a meal (Restaurant not restricted to 120 persons or less)
  • Alfresco
  • Area
  • Dining Area
  • Associations (Club licence)
  • One off hours ETP Hours/Area/Other
  • Non Member Functions (Clubs)
  • Lodgers/Residential Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Late Delivery
Ongoing Extended Trading Permit lodgement guide
Apply for a Extended Trading Permit through the online portal

Changes to permanent licenses/permits 

Additional forms

Some applications may require additional forms depending on the application type.

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